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Smoothie Blend Questions

What is a Smoothie Blend?

A Smoothie Blend is a complete smoothie recipe as a freeze-dried powder. Each Blend is a creation containing only fresh plant, fruit & veg powders. It is a 100% clean and 100% all-natural instant smoothie made from only the freshest ingredients.

Our Smoothie Blends are designed to help you instantly enjoy a fresh Smoothie without the prep or having to wash out your blender.

Just add your Smoothie Blend to a glas or bottle filled with cold water and shake until combined. It's the easiest (and real) smoothie in town!

Even better, you can store our Smoothie Blends in your pantry to always have access to nutrients from fresh plants, fruit & veg.

By being shelf-stable, our Smoothie Blends also reduce food waste by enabling you to store real plants, fruit & veg in your pantry.

We have crafted 3 complete smoothie recipes for you, so that you don't have to worry about shopping, washing, peeling and chopping all the ingredients yourself!

What is Freeze-drying?

Freeze-drying is the best evidence-backed process for preserving the vitamins, nutrients, minerals and fibers found in fresh plants, fruit & vegetables.

By flash-freezing and then vacuum drying our ripe and fresh ingredients, this process only takes out the water content found in the fresh ingredients. This means that 100% of the taste and more than 98% of the original nutrients remain in our finished product.

Are the Smoothies Vegan?

Yes! We are a 100% plant-based company. None of our smoothie recipes contain animal products. Additionally, we only add real plants like fruits, vegetables & natural superfoods to our Smoothies. This means they are not only vegan, but 100% clean for your natural nutrition needs.

Are the Smoothies sugar-free?

Our Smoothies do not contain any added sugar, juice extracts, fruit-sugar extracts, or sweeteners like Stevia. The smoothies only contain whole fruits, which is why our smoothies do really taste like their fresh ingredients and not super sweet. If you wash and chop up all the ingredients yourself to make a smoothie, or use an esembli blend to easily shake one up, the outcome is the same: a deliciously fresh and healthy smoothie.

Are the Smoothies Gluten-free? And free of any allergens?

Yes, our ingredients are gluten-free and do not contain other common allergens. However, our production that adheres to the highest standards, but does also work with nuts and oats.

But really, how healthy are your Smoothies?

We are glad you asked! Our Smoothies are just as healthy as any fresh whole Fruit & Veg. We rely on freeze-drying which is the best production process for preserving the micronutrients, vitamins and minerals found in the fresh Fruit & Veg. Even better, this process also maintains the fibers and keeps the products fresh for 12 months. This means you have all the access to fresh Fruit & Veg any time you want without any of the hassle and without the risk of food waste from Fruit & Veg going bad. It couldn't be better!

How are the Smoothie Blends different from Cold Pressed Juice or pre-packaged Smoothies in the Supermarket?

Most importantly, our Smoothie Blends contain whole Fruit & Veg. So they have more fibers, minerals, and vitamins than any cold-pressed juice, normal juice or juice extract. Our Smoothie recipes are made from 100% whole Fruit & Veg that have been freeze-dried and gently blended into a finished Smoothie powder.

The pre-packaged Smoothies in the Supermarket are mostly 40 - 60% juice and not whole fruit. This means, just like with any other juice, these Smoothies contain a large amount of natural juice extract that have the flavor, sugars and water from the Fruit & Veg, but not as many of the benefits.

Juices and Smoothies are often also pressure pasteurized to make them stable, while our products are gently freeze-dried to extract the water content but keep all of the vitamins and minerals intact.

How many calories does a Smoothie have?

All of our Smoothies contain between 80 - 90 calories when you shake them with water. This makes them super nutrient-dense, but low calorie. You are getting loads of healthy nutrients without overloading on sugars or calories. The natural nutrients and vitamins help to boost your energy, while not going overboard with fillers or additives that add to your caloric intake.

Additionally, our Smoothies are high in fiber, which helps to keep you full longer. If you want to have them more nutrient-dense, you can add the Smoothie Blend to a plant-based milk alternative, yogurt, boost your protein shake with real nutrients or mix them into your porridge. That way you can boost any meal with more natural nutrients.

Check out the recipe inspirations for our Smoothie Blends on each of the product pages to see how you can add more nutrients to your meals.

What is 5 a day?

5 am Tag ist eine International Ernährungskampagne, die sich dafür engagiert, dass wir mehr Obst und Gemüse essen. Denn hunderte von wissenschaftlichen Studien belegen, dass Menschen, die viel Obst und Gemüse essen, seltener an typischen Zivilisationskrankheiten wie Bluthochdruck, Herz-Kreislauf-Erkrankungen, Schlaganfall, Demenz, Übergewicht und Adipositas (Fettsucht) oder verschiedenen Krebsarten erkranken. Obst und Gemüse sind reich an Vitaminen, Mineralstoffen und sekundären Pflanzenstoffen und haben bei geringer Energiedichte eine besonders hohe Nährstoffdichte.

Jedoch ist 5 am Tag das Minimum, denn wir sollten alle viel mehr Obst, Gemüse und gesunde Pflanzen essen. In Kanada empfiehlt die nationale Ernährungsrichtlinie sogar zwischen 7 und 10 tägliche Portionen für Erwachsene.

Bei esembli sind wir starke vertreter der Wissenschaft und immer wieder bestätigende Forschung von internationalen Experten und Ernährungswissenschaftlern, dass wir alle von mehr Obst und Gemüse am Tag profitieren können. Deshalb ist es unsere Mission es so einfach und lecker wie möglich zu machen, dass wir alle in Europa den mindest anspruch an 5 am Tag zusammen erreichen.

My Smoothie Blend had a few clumps in it after shaking. Why is that?

The Smoothie Blends contain nothing but the most nutritious plant, fruit & veg powders. Most other drinks use anti-clumping ingredients or additives like rice flour or sunflower oil. We chose to make our products 100% clean.

For best results, massage the Smoothie Blend pouch before use to break-up any potential clumps. Here are some more tips:

  1. Mix and massage the package to break up any clumps**.
  2. Always fill your bottle first with water and then add the Blend.
  3. Slightly swirl the bottle or jar around once closed. This is to gently wet the smoothie blend with water before shaking. Then make sure to shake well and let it rehydrate.
  4. If there is a little clump left in your smoothie, shake it some more or use a little spoon to break it up

** Because we only use real plant, fruit & veg powders natural clumping may occur. The alternative would be to include additives, but we chose not to because they are not nutritionally valuable and change the taste of our fresh smoohthies.

How many esembli Smoothies can I have a day?

There is no official recommendation, but esembli Smoothies can be enjoyed around 1 - 2 times a day. Each Smoothie contains about 2.5 servings of Fruits, Berries & Greens, so you can enjoy 2 Smoothies on a super busy day to ensure you reach the recommended minimum 5 servings of Fruit & Veg a day.

Many studies also show you should be having between 7 - 10 servings of Fruit & Veg, so having 2 Smoothies a day can be in addition to other nutritious foods like salads, stir-fries, curries or other meals that are loaded with Fruit & Veg.

Can I pre-shake Smoothies and store them for later?

Absolutely! But, important is that you pre-shake the Smoothie and place it in the Fridge. Because our Smoothies are made from real Fruit & Veg, leaving them out without cooling may cause slight fermentation at room temperature. If you pre-shake your Smoothie, make sure to place it in the Fridge until you are ready to enjoy it. Also, please don't store the Smoothie for more than 32 hours. The Smoothie Blends are designed to be quick, easy, and accessible any time and should only be stored for up to 1 day.

A pro-tip: We even suggest shaking up a Root Revival Smoothie (see here under "Preparation") before your workout, storing it in the fridge while you workout or do yoga, and then enjoying it when you are done. This enables you to have the a deliciously refreshing and hydrating nutrient boost right after your exercise.

Are your Smoothies fit to be a meal-replacement?

Our Smoothie Blends cover you Fruit & Veg needs and fuel your body with nutrients, but we do advocate for enjoying real meals at esembli. That is why we designed the Smoothie Blends as an accessory to your meals, as a snack, or a light meal option once a day. The Smoothies were not intended to be a complete meal replacement, but rather a great option for a nutrient-boosting light breakfast. For example, we love enjoying a Smoothie as a way to end our intermittent fasting with nutrients and vitamins. The Smoothie Blends are your optimal natural, delicious nutrient boost, but we do advocate for you to enjoy real meals.

A note on real meals from us: enjoying meals with family and friends have an important role in our mental health, community connection and wellbeing. That is why we are big fans of sitting down and taking time to eat real meals a few times a week. Luckily, our Smoothie Blends are great for enjoying with a meal as well sharing with friends. The Smoothie Blends pair perfectly with a Sunday brunch, as a refreshment while BBQ-ing or to have as a non-alcoholic alternative during dinner with friends and family.

Are the Smoothie Blends suited for pregnant women and children?

Yes, yes, yes! Our Smoothie Blends are not only safe to consume, but a super nutritious choice for pregnant women and children. Nutrition during pregnancy and early childhood is so essential. At esembli, we are all about making the essentials for good nutrition accessible and easy. Children love being part of shaking up the Smoothies and enjoying them, it is a great way to foster a healthy nutrition habits!

If you want, it is never a bad idea to take our products to your doctor to check the ingredients.

How should I store my Smoothie Blends?

Our Smoothie Blends are designed to be shelf-stable. They do not have to be stored in the fridge. Once opened, the Smoothie Blends have a lifetime of 12 months and should be stored in your pantry. Dry & cool (not too hot) is important - but most pantries, cupboards etc. are perfect.

After opening your blend, please make sure to reseal the bag tightly so that it is air-tight.

Please also make sure to always use a clean & dry spoon to portion out or scoop out your Smoothie Blends.

esembli Questions

Was does esembli mean?

esembli is our brand name and our company mission. It is a combination of "essential" and "Ensemble" to represent our mission, which is to make the essential Ensemble of good health and nutrition easy, delicious and convenient.

For us this essential ensemble starts with Fruit & Vegetables because all scientific research and medical experts agree that including more of these in your diet have the single biggest impact on our health.

On top of that, they are the essentials of our nutrition since Fruit & Vegetables are nature's perfect food. Natural and no labels required, but just as potent (and studies show even more so) than any supplements on the market.

Can I return Smoothie Blends?

We are able to take returns of Smoothie Blends if they are unopened and in their original state.

Due to health & saftey standards, we cannot take returns of opened products. In case you would like to return your belnds, you can do so within 14 days of your purchase. Since we are still a small and young company, the return shipping fee will not be able to be covered by esembli. This means you will have to carry the cost of the return shipment.

How long will the shipment take?

Within Germany about 3 - 5 working days. Here is how the process works.


  1. Receive your order and do a sweet happy dance!
  2. Break out the shipping supplies and get right to packing your order.
  3. Ring our friends at DHL or UPS to pick up the goods.
  4. Drop you a note in your inbox with a shipment update.

  5. Tack your shipment and high-five each other when it's arrived

  6. Check-in to see how you love them!