Juicy Greens Smoothie Blend

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Immunity · Vibrancy · Clarity

Makes 10-12 Smoothies. Equivalent to 2.5 Kg Fresh Fruits & Greens. 43% Organic.

Sip this Smoothie and spoil yourself with a little tropical vacation!

Blended from kiwis, juicy pineapples, crisp apples and superfood greens, this Smoothie recipe is packed with powerful ingredients for more immunity and vibrant wellbeing. Sip this Smoothie to nourish yourself with all of the powerful micronutrients, vitamins and minerals the fresh ingredients contain.

We made sure to balance the tropical sweetness with the super-greens, so that you can enjoy the most delicious green smoothie yet!

Your perfectly tasty green smoothie:

  • Complete smoothie recipe, just add water
  • Fresh & delicious in less than 1 minute
  • 100% freeze-dried Fruit & Vegetables (43% organic)
  • High quality & natural nutrients
  • All-natural vitamins, minerals & fiber
  • 2.5 servings of Fruit & Greens per smoothie
  • Only 90 calories per smoothie 
  • Each 250g package equals 2.5kg of fresh Fruit & Veg 
  • No added sugar, no stevia, no preservatives & no funky ingredients


    Organic Apple
    As the saying goes, "an apple a day...". This is one of the most popular fruits, for good reason! Many studies show that apples help with weight loss, prevent asthma, protect against cancer, cleanse the liver and are great for our gut flora. A reall all-star and a delicious local superfood, which is why it couldn't be missing from this Juicy Greens Smoothie!

    The juicy pineapple is not only loved for its tropical sweetness, but also for its nutrients. Pineapple boosts immunity with nutrients like manganese, iron, copper and zinc! These contribute to better blood circulation and reduced inflammation. On top of that, Pineapple has digestive enzymes (called bromelain) to support your digestion. A clear win-win ingredient for this Smoothie Blend!

    Kiwis are super rich in nutrients. They have more vitamin C than any citrus fruits and also have an enzyme (actinidin) to help your digestion. One of the coolest facts about Kiwi, is that the little black seeds in the fruit contain omega-3 fatty acids. That is why you will find these tiny black seedlings in our Smoothie. Kiwis are essential for great immunity, your digestive system and contribute to a healthy metabolism. Of course, we wouldn't want to keep these valuable nutrients, so we packed them right into the Juicy Greens Smoothie Blend!

    Organic Spinach
    The classic superfood green. For good reason! Spinach is a great source of beta-carotene, vitamin K, vitamin C, and vitamin B2. It also contains nitrates, which have a positive effect on the mitochondria of our cells. Healthy mitochondria are essential for all of our body functions. That's why each Smoothie contains an equivalent of 22 grams of fresh spinach! 

    Organic Nettle
    Long used as a medicinal plant, nettle is full of micronutrients for a healthy metabolism and detoxification. Since the leaves are carefully freeze-dried, they are deliciously safe to consume. As a local superfood that is extensively used in herbal medicine, we made sure to fit nettle into your Juicy Greens Smoothies. 

    Another star in herbal medicine, the ginger root has traditionally been used for its antibacterial effect and contribution to healthy gut flora. In addition, the ginger root also inhibits the multiplication of viruses and has an anti-emetic effect, which makes it the perfect travel companion, like on your little tropical vacation with this Juicy Greens Smoothie Blend.

    Nutritional Values

    Juicy Greens Smoothie Blend Nährwertangaben Nutritional Values


    Easily shake your perfect smoothie

    1. Fill a bottle or jar with 250ml cold water.
    2. Add 3 tablespoons (25g) of Juicy Greens, close & shake well until combined.
    3. Let it re-hydrate for 30 seconds & enjoy!

    Tip: You can also make a healthy, fiber-filled juice by using only 1-2 tablespoons for a lighter consistency!



    Green Coco Bowl
    Mix one serving (25g) of Juicy Greens with 150g of vegan coconut yogurt. Then top it with your favorite granola, muesli, fresh banana or even macadamia nut butter.

    Green Nice Cream
    A serving (25g) of Juicy Greens with 50ml plant-based milk and a frozen banana in the blender until it is creamy.